PupDoge METAMASK Wallet Farming Tutorial(App Version)


1. Example: Metamask Wallet (App version)

2.Make sure that you have some BNB in your wallet as gas fee

3.Open “Browser” in Metamask Toolbar and insert PupDoge URL:https://pupdoge.finance/

1.Add Liquidity

1.Open METAMASK wallet,click on the top left corner

2.find “Browser”

3.enter pancakeswap URL https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/

4.open Pancakeswap,click “Liquidity” ,Then “+Add Liquidity”

5.enter amount,system will auto generate value,press “Approve PupDoge”

6.Confirm authorization from Pancakeswap,then Approve

7.Click “Supply”

8.Then “Confirm Supply”

9.After confirm authorization,click confirm

10.Transaction complete,paired PupDoge-BNB- LP

2.Wallet Authorization

1.back to“Browser”,enter PupDoge url:https://pupdoge.finance/

2.Total 6 Farming Pool,3 pools are hidden,clicked “FARMS MORE.

3.We clicked onto the 3rd, PUPDOGE-BNB-LP to farm PUPD for 7 days,click “APPROVE”to continue。

4.Authorization has to be done first,then click approve


1.After authorization,click “Deposit”

2.Enter the amount of PUPDOGE-BNB-LP,then“confirm”


4.Rewards Collection

1.Amount will be shown and only can collect 7 days after staking

2.click“Claim”to collect rewards,click“WithDraw”to collect staked PupDoge