PupDoge Farming Tutorial (APP version)


1.Example: Trust Wallet (App version)

2.Make sure that you have some BNB in your wallet as gas fee

3.Click the "Explore" button at the bottom of the TokenPocket page, enter PupDoge official website: https://pupdoge.finance/

1.Add Liquidity

1.Open Pancakeswap,click onto “Liquidity”, then “+Add Liquidity”

2.Enter amount,system will auto generate the value,click “Approve PupDoge”

3.Confirm Pancakeswap authorisation,click “confirm payment”

4.Authorisation Complete,click “Supply”

5.Then “Confirm Supply”

6.Confirm Pancakeswap authorisation,click “confirm payment”

7.Transaction complete,paired PupDoge-BNB- LP

2.Wallet Authorization

1.Open TP Wallet,scroll down and find“Explore”tab

2.Enter PupDoge Official Website:https://pupdoge.finance/

3.Total 6 Farming Pool,3 are hidden,clicked “FARMS MORE.

4.We clicked onto the 3rd, PUPDOGE-BNB-LP to farm PUPD for 7 days,click “APPROVE”to continue。

5.Confirmed that the authorization is done,then clicked “confirm payment”


1.After authorization,click “Deposit”

2.Enter the amound of PUPDOGE-BNB-LP,then“confirm”

3.Confirm payment

4.Rewards Collection

1.Amount will be shown and only can collect 7 days after staking

2.click“Claim”to collect reward,and“WithDraw”the staked in LP